5 Tips To Consider Before Buying The Best Golf Shoes

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True Golf ShoesGolf shoes serve as a connection between your body and the ground. Your foot stability, balance and swing are all essential for a good game and are determined by your shoes. The Best Golf Shoes are vital for all types of golfers. These are the five things you need to consider when buying the best golf shoes:


You need to be comfortable so that you can concentrate on the game. The shoe should be comfortable for the long hours you will spend on the golf course. The 18 hole round of golf takes at least four hours to complete so comfortable shoes are imperative for one to have a good game and enjoy it.

Water Resistant

You need shoes that will not get you wet during wet conditions. Though water resistant shoes are a bit expensive they ensure your feet are protected and you are comfortable at all times they are very convenient too.


Help you maintain good grip during your swing for maximum stability even if you are on a slope or wet ground. Modern shoes also have replaceable spike with them so you can exchange them whenever you feel the ones on are not serving the purpose. They are good at giving you support and ensuring you don’t slip and injure yourself.


Always choose leather instead of synthetics material Leather has several advantages it breathes better thus doesn’t stink even when worn for long hours, it is easy to clean, it’s more durable and it is water proof. Synthetic materials winks really fast and can make your feet stink a lot.


Pick something that you like that goes with your golf clubs and clothes. There are several shoes to pick from that include; traditional saddle, athletic styling, golf sandals and trendy styles so you can choose the look that totally fits your style.

Things To Consider When Choosing Golf Bags

Nike Golf Bags• Quality material

The best golf bags should be made of a high quality material that can carry all your golfing stuff without becoming torn within no time. It should be durable and able to survive being thrown down on the grown around the carts, being pulled on rough surfaces and being overstuffed. They also should score very high on Golf Bag Reviews.


They should be able to carry and handle all your essential equipment and products so that you do not carry extra bags. The bag should be adequate enough to carry your clothes, clubs, and golf balls and ensure you are not forced to leave anything.


Choose a bag that is proportional to your body weight. The bag should not be so heavy that it can’t be hauled around and thus waste time, it ensures you keep balance and also you do not get back and arm pains.


Choose a brand that is trustworthy and trusted for its quality product. The brand that has been in the business for a long time and understands what golfers are needs. You also need a brand that is stable so that when your bag is finally too old you can replace it with their brand because they will still be in business.

Accessories and style

Have a golf bag that has a couple of external and internal pockets to allow you to be able to keep other things like water bottle, a chocolate bar, your phone or tablet. One that has a sleek design and doesn’t look like you are carrying farm equipment.

Useful Tips To Guide You In Determining The Best Golf Balls For You

Skill level

Keep in mind that balls determines control, spin and distance. The high handicapped player what a ball that is designed for additional distance and more control while the low handicapped players need a ball designed for additional spin to enhance good scoring in the short run.

Construction type/style

There are three categories of golf balls built for different purposes there is the two-piece ball, three-piece ball and finally high performance balls. Two-piece balls have an inner core that enhances the speed of the ball when struck. The three-piece has two thick cores with a thin layer core placed between them this reduces their spin and thus improve distance. High performance balls have a dual inner core meant to be hit hard with a fast swing it drops without rolling and hits the ground with an immediate stop.

Swing speed

A low compression golf ball is advised if your swing speed is slow so that the velocity of the ball is increased.


Choose a ball that fits your style and skill level an additional spin will add distance and if you have imperfection in your swing the spin will make them visible.

A Guide To Help You When Buying Golf Clubs

There are different types of golf clubs and each serves a unique purpose so learn to distinguish ask someone with the know how so that they can help you with the selection. Beginners should have all the types of clubs drivers, wedges, irons and putters.


Each type of golf club has a unique purpose i.e. iron is the correct choice if you want a shorter shot, Putters best if the course is rough and you want to get the ball out while drivers are excellent for the long range shots.

Your course

Your home course will determine the golf clubs that are useful that it can either be a turf firm thus you want less bounce because of tough lies. If it is sandy you need one with wider sole.


We all come in different sizes, shapes and swing skills so it is only appropriate if we have golf clubs to cater for all this differences in terms of length, weight and lie angles. If a club is too long or light you cannot be able to deliver a club head so it is square at impact. If the lie angle is wrong the heel will be up leading to pull or push when the swing is perfect.

Method of manufacture

Iron can be made by forging or casting the cast irons are best because they have a bigger sweet spot on the club face. The larger the sweet the better your chance of hitting the ball if you are a novice. Forged irons are better for pros because they allow better control of trajectory allowing them to hit at the desired angle.

Golf clubs are the connection between your body and the golf ball. Choose a brand in your golf shoes, golf balls, golf bags and golf club that is consistent and reliable. Do not overspend choose something you can easily afford and finally pick something within your style.

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